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Having computer problems? The expert staff at Affordable Computers can help you get your computer back up and running in no time! Not only that, but we offer affordable, competitive rates and the area's fastest turn-around time! All repairs are done in our own shop, by our own staff. So no shipping stuff out and waiting weeks for the repair! Below are some general rates for common computer problems. For the most accurate idea of what it will cost to fix your PC, bring it in for our famous FREE ESTIMATE!


No Obligation. Ever. There is never a charge for an estimate! We preform a quick evalution of of your system while you wait at our check-in desk. This process usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. We'll give you an esimate of the cost to repair your system, at which point you can 'take it or leave it'




When all else fails. This charge applies for all jobs that are checked into our shop and left for service, that involve one hour or less, and WILL APPLY against the final service charges (in other words if you opt to have the wipe/reload done your total would just be $95.00, NOT $115.00 + $85.00). If other parts and service are required to complete your repairs and you decline them, this charge still applies



Sometimes it's simple. Ofen our customers just need a simple fix. A power supply replaced or a printer setup. This labor fee is for simple jobs like these where no other service/diagnostics are required. Depending on our work load these types of jobs can usually be done in an hour or less.




Laptop all jacked up? No matter how careful we are accidents do happen. If your power jack is loose, not making a good connection, or you have to hold the power cord in 'just right' to get your laptop to charge - chances are you need a power jack replacement.




Don't see what you need? What you see listed on this page are just some of our most commonly requested repairs. We offer many other repair options so feel to stop by with your desktop or laptop for your FREE ESTIMATE today!







That thing is made of glass? One of the most common things to break when your laptop and gravity don't get along is the screen. So whether it's cracked, shattered, bent, or blank - we've got a high quality replacement screen with your name on it. We'll make it like it never even happened.




Our most popular package! This service includes completely formatting the hard drive and reloading original Windows Operating System, all available Windows service packs & updates, and all internal hardware drivers. We also include FREE antivirus and spyware removal software with every reload! This charge does NOT include time required if data files are to be backed up and saved (pictures, music, documents, etc.). See “Data Backup.” This also does not include installing any 3rd party software that was not originally inlcuded with your computer (games, word processors, photo editors, etc.). 


Microsoft OS $115

Mac OS $165


For serious infections. Advanced malware and virus issues are very time-consuming problems, even for our experienced technicians. The most economical and BEST fix is to start with a fresh slate (see “WIPE RELOAD"). However, some users would like to retain their settings, programs, and data files, etc. For those users we can do our advanced system cleanup process and remove the offending viruses and malware. While we have a very high sucess rate with our advanced cleanups, today's infections are very complex and always changing, so there is still no guarantee that we can completely correct all issues, and there is no guarantee that the issues might re-occur in the near future. The only way to GUARANTEE that your system is free of viruses/Spyware is do perform a wipe/reload. Occasionaly we will determine that a cleanup is not possible, in this case you will need a Wipe/Reload.



*Price is for Windows-based computers, laptops, & tablets. For Apple computers & laptops the Wipe & Reload service is $125

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