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Optional Downloads


Often we find our customers getting Malware on their computers simply because they don't know the offical website for a popular program. There are many fake websites set up to lure people in looking for a particilaur progam and in turn install all kinds of malware on their computer. The links below will take you directly to the offical websites of these programs. These downloads are not for everyone, they are simply provided as a courtesy to our customers who are familiar with them.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free alternate web browser to Internet Explorer.


Firefox is a free alternate web browser to Internet Explorer.


LibreOffice is a free productivity suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation program, and more! Plus it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office!


iTunes is a Media Player for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users.


Skype is a video chat program.

Advanced Tools

By clicking this button you agree that an Affordable Computers technician has asked you to do so.

This takes you to our Advanced Tools Section. Please only use these tools if directed to do so by a Affordable Computers technician.

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