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HELP! Malwarebytes 3.0 says my trial has expired!

For your convenience, every computer we sell and service gets the free version of Malwarebytes pre-loaded. You can learn more about Malwarebytes here. The version we install is free and never expires, however during some updates to the Malwarebytes program they automatically activate a 14-day trial of their premium (paid) product. Getting back to the free version is quick & easy, read on for simple step-by-step instructions!

Step 1: Click the Settings button. It is the button all the way on the bottom of the row of vertical buttons on the left. See picture below. ▼

Step 2: Click the My Account button. It is the button one spot over from the right on the horizontal row of buttons at the top. See picture below. ▼

Step 3: Click the Deactivate Premium Trial button. It is the button all the way on the left on the horizontal row of buttons at the bottom. See picture below. ▼

Step 3: Now a warning dialog box will pop up. Click the Yes button. See picture below. ▼

Step 4: After you clicked Yes in the previous dialog Malwarebytes will now start the process of changing itself back into the Free version. This may take a minute. You will know the process is complete when your Subscription Details looks like the picture below, and when you see the word FREE at the top of the Window instead of PREMIUM TRIAL. See picture below. ▼

Step 5: Click the Dashboard button. It is the button all the way at the top on the vertical row of buttons at the left. See picture below. ▼

Step 6: You are now back at the main Malwarebytes screen. It should show the message "You're running Malwarebytes Free." now like the picture below. You can now close Malwarebytes if you are finished, or run a scan if you wish. If a future update ever turns the Premium Trial back on you can come back to these instructions and run through this process again to switch back to the Free edition. For more helpful tips and tricks consider subscribing to our Facebook Page ▼

Support Article Last Updated 10.6.17

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