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HELP! Malwarebytes 2.0 says my trial has expired!

For your convenience, every computer we sell and service gets the free version of Malwarebytes preloaded. You can learn more about Malwarebytes here. The version we install is free and never expires, however during some updates to the Malwarebytes program there is an option that you must un-check to avoid changing the free version we installed into a 14-day trial of their premium product (which is not free). Please be on the lookout for the following dialog and option, and be sure it is unchecked before you click Finish to avoid switching to the 14-day trial:

If you have already accidently switched to the 14-day trial, and it has expired, it is simple to switch back to the free version! Simply click the End Free Trial text in the bottom right hand corner of the main Malwarebyes screen. That's it, your Malwarebyes program is back to the free version that never expires!

Support Article Last Updated 9.19.15

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